About Us

Love, Mutual Support and Peace

This cultural center was established in 2020 with the following objectives:

Cultures are expressions of accumulated human life experiences from ancient times to the present. Among these cultures, because of differences in regions, we have formed many different cultural ideologies in the world. Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology, not only have the opportunities for interaction among people have increased, but the opportunities for international interdependence among countries in terms of economy, politics, and quality of life have also increased. In the midst of this mutual interaction and interdependence, how to understand each other, love each other and support each other in different cultural settings is the challenge we all face.

In response to the needs of this era, this center is committed to promote the exchange of cultures to enhance mutual understanding and trust. Among various cultural elements, religious culture has the most profound influence on the spirit, thought and morality. Therefore, we are initiating the exchange of Eastern religions and cultures as a starting point to fulfill such a mission. As such, in a historical castle more than 100 years old at 207A Westside Road, Norfolk, CT, we set up a Taoist Cultural Area, Confucian Cultural Area and Buddhist Cultural Area for mutual learning and interaction. In the future, based on the energy and capacity of the center, we plan to gradually include other cultures such as Western religious cultures, spiritual cultures, arts and crafts, and the living experience exchange of body, mind, and spirit area, etc., in the hope of being able to help enhance and enrich the spiritual and moral essence of people and thus, bring peace and happiness to all.

The earth is the home we all share. By reducing conflicts and living in harmony and mutual prosperity, we are fulfilling our responsibility of protecting the earth.  Achieving this goal will rely on people being able to awaken and to manifest universal love, tolerance and mutual assistance. In this way we can honor the possibility of peaceful coexistence among people and create a bright and happy future.

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